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Safety and security is a key priority in most people’s lives, particularly when it comes to the protection of your family or your most treasured possessions. If you need a locksmith that you can rely on for locking systems to ensure your safety, Global Locksmiths have a team of locksmiths in Kew, backed up by 15 years of experience. Whether you need a new remote for your garage or digital entry systems at your business for your employees, Global Locksmiths can provide for you.


To put things into perspective, we checked RACV for the burglary statistics of the area through information obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Crime Statistics Agency and the Department of Transport, Planning, and Local Infrastructure. The statistics show that Kew is a relatively safe neighbourhood, with a burglary rate of 1 in 76 homes. However, Global Locksmiths recommends being prepared at all times, rather than letting yourself become one of these 76 homes. Call one of our Kew locksmiths today for smart security precautions.


Whether you need new locks on the doors or any other services from Kew locksmiths, we have you covered. Just give us a call on 1300 333 565 or send an email globallocksmiths@iprimus.com.au to get in touch — we’ll be happy to help you out!